playlist for september 29, 2014


broken little sister - colour
the jesus and mary chain - the hardest walk
the fauns - nothing ever
be forest - florence (lrnc)
chapterhouse - she’s a vision
ceremony - our last goodbye
diiv - air conditioning
death of lovers - shaken
all natural lemon and lime flavors - catcher
lush - for love
my bloody valentine - i only said
belong - make me return
my red dress - dream

ライブ終了!ご来場いただいた方々はありがとうございました。関係者の皆様お疲れ様でした。次回ライブは9.10 高円寺High “blue noise test”です。


Dubstar are an English band, performing mostly dream pop and indie dance music, as well as occasional pop ballads and, on later releases, guitar-heavy rock with an industrial influence. The group was formed in 1992 by Steve Hillier and Chris Wilkie in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sarah Blackwood joined in 1993, replacing Hillier on vocals.